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About me

I am a project delivery expert, having delivered for some of the biggest and well-known banks, media organisations, and telecoms and technology companies in the world. These ranged from huge multi-million pound deliveries to small prototyping exercises for mobile apps.

When I started out I worked for small suppliers delivering product to major clients where the need for a successful, speedy and profitable delivery was drummed into me. It has stood me in good stead.

My proudest achievement to date has been delivering the 48 TV channels that constituted the 2012 London Olympics digital TV offering (every channel over BBC1, BBC2 and BBC3 on your EPG that showed live Olympics coverage).

I negotiated the deal between the BBC and Sky to see the Olympic content delivered through Sky’s infrastructure at no cost to the licence fee payer. Then I led delivery of the project, bringing it in at £4m under the original budget, and doing so over scope when I signed a deal with Channel 4 for the inclusion of the Paralympics when we were already half way through delivery.

I am passionate about helping young and rapidly growing businesses succeed, leveraging my 20 odd years of experience and accumulated skills to enable these organisations to achieve their dream of getting their product to market in a rapid and financially efficient way.